1 Response to World Dementia Council Underway (Department of Health / Dementia Challenge / World Dementia Council)

  1. Pauline Hardinges says:

    It would help if when a person reaches the mid to late stage where cognition has gone and the person cannot inform anyone they are in pain, that the patient is in the appropriate care setting. In nursing homes where the staff and nurses are fully trained in dementia care this reduces the times they are admitted to A& E. All to often these poor people are placed in residential care where there are no nursing staff and they then have to go to hospital when perhaps this would not be necessary. Also in dementia nursing homes the staff are trained to a higher standard, and are there because they want to be involved with dementia care, unlike residential for social care.
    All too often the needs of people with alzheimers and other forms of dementia are downgraded so they end up in the wrong care setting.

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