Launch of the Global Dementia and Alzheimer’s Action Alliance: World Health Assembly, Geneva (Department of Health / Dementia Challenge / WHO)


The “Global Dementia and Alzheimer’s Action Alliance” has been launched at the World Health Assembly in Geneva. The World Health Assembly is the annual meeting of the World Health Organization.

This Alliance is a direct outcome of the call for international action arising at the G8 Dementia Summit. It has been created by the cooperation of Alzheimer’s Disease International, the Alzheimer’s Society and the Department of Health. These three Alliance partners are jointly committed to:

“ …help foster collaboration between international NGOs, professional associations, governments and international statutory bodies in order to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia”.

This Global Action Alliance aims to help coordinate the efforts of governments, the health and social care sector, non-profit organisations and the wider civil society to tackle the challenge of dementia.

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Global Alzheimer’s and Dementia Alliance launched at World Health Assembly in Geneva. London: Department of Health / Dementia Challenge, March 19th 2014.

An overview of preparatory work before this announcement:

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Reports and resources show how international collaboration improves dementia care. London: Department of Health / Dementia Challenge / World Dementia Council, March 16th 2015.

Possibly also of interest:

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Pearson, M. (2015). Better Policies for People with Dementia: First WHO Ministerial Conference on Global Action Against Dementia. [Online WHO GAAD presentation]: OECD Directorate for Employment; Labour and Social Affairs, March 19th 2015.

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