FallSafe Project: Falls Prevention Care Bundle (Nursing Times / Clinical Medicine)


This article describes a regional initiative to falls prevention, involving the development of champions to give falls avoidance a high priority on hospital wards. It discusses lessons learned.

“There should be no complacency: on a 36-bed ward, even a success rate of 92% leaves two or three patients unprotected”. (p.23).

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Sutton, D. Windsor, J. [and] Husk, J. (2014). A care bundle approach to falls prevention. Nursing Times. May 14th 2014. Vol 110(20), pp.21-23.

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust: Falls Information Resource

Staff at the HEFT Library have produced an enormously informative bulletin on the broad subject:

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Falls Update. Sutton Coldfield: Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, May 2014.

Fall Prevention Strategies in Outpatient Programmes (CADTH)

This Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) report summarises studies investigating fall prevention strategies for adults in outpatient programs.

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Fall prevention strategies for adults in outpatient programs: clinical evidence and guidelines. Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, May 5th 2014.

There’s Many a Slip (Betwixt Intentions and Results)?

Counter-intuitive evidence has come to light following FallSafe implementation, which raises questions about uncritical adoption of the care bundle. A reasoned recommendation for caution against over-zealous usage?

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D’costa, DF. (2016). The Royal College of Physicians’ FallSafe care bundles applied trustwide: the Northumbria experience 2013. Clinical Medicine. April 2016, 16: 208.

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