Mental Health, Dementia and Neurology Networks: Local Profiling Tools (PHE)


Public Health England (PHE), in partnership with NHS England (and support from the Department of Health) have developed local profiles of mental health, dementia and neurology. The purpose is to assist people commissioning and / or providing care to compare local standards with other places across the country. These profiles are intended to help with learning from other areas – for example areas with similar population needs – and the sharing of best practice.

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Mental Health, Dementia and Neurology Profiling Tools. London: Public Health England (PHE), June 2014.

Mental Health, Dementia and Neurology Profiles

The Mental Health, Dementia and Neurology profiles supply publicly available information about risk factors, prevalence, access to services, outcomes and finance to help improve local services:

  1. Common mental health disorders profiles.
  2. Severe mental illness profiles.
  3. Community mental health profiles.
  4. Neurology profiles.

This comparative data should help deliver effective care pathways and better outcomes for service users. Information is presented by local authority and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), allowing benchmarking against other local areas across England.

Mental Health, Dementia and Neurology Intelligence Networks (MHDNINs)

A directly associated development concerns the launch of Public Health England (PHE)’s National Mental Health Dementia and Neurology Intelligence Networks. These networks support the delivery of improved physical and mental wellbeing services in local areas (see above) and reduce the negative impacts of ill-health.

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Mental Health Dementia and Neurology Intelligence Network (MHDNIN). London [Online]: Public Health England (PHE) and NHS England, June 2014.

The new mental health and neurology networks are promising a “revolution in information”. MHDNINs offer:

“ …timely meaningful health intelligence for commissioners, policy makers, clinicians and health professionals to improve services, outcomes and reduce the negative impact of mental health, dementia and neurology problems”.

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Revolution in mental health information is launched. London: NHS England, June 19th 2014.

[A version of this item features in Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter (RWNHST), Volume 3 Issue 12, July 2014].

Regional Mental Health Commissioning Networks Portal

Possibly also of interest, the Regional Mental Health Commissioning Networks Portal allows people involved in mental health commissioning in health and social care to discuss and exchange ideas. This portal is intended to help meet the challenges of treating people with mental health problems in an integrated way across health and social care in England.

Cardiovascular Disease Profiles for Clinical Commissioning Groups

The National Cardiovascular Intelligence Network has published cardiovascular disease profiles for the 211 CCGs in England. Each profile contains sections on risk factors, coronary heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and stroke. Public Health England plans to release an interactive version of this data to allow CCGs to compare performance.

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Cardiovascular disease profiles. London:  Public Health England, August 2014.

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