Housing LIN’s Healthwatch Resource Mapping and Health & Housing Dashboard (Housing LIN)


The Housing Learning and Improvement Network, with assistance from the Papworth Trust, have updated their Healthwatch webpages. They have also produced a section providing easy access to the latest in health intelligence (further details below). Topic area headings currently comprise:

  1. Health Dashboard (for further details see below).
  2. Health and Housing Policy: general health policies of relevance to housing providers.
  3. Integration: Health and Housing Partnerships.
  4. Housing, Hospital and Care Pathways.
  5. Prevention, Reablement and Housing.
  6. Public health and housing.
  7. Housing and Long-Term Conditions.
  8. NHS Estate and Other Resources.
  9. Workforce issues.

Full Text Link


Health and Housing: Healthwatch. London: Housing Learning and Improvement Network, July 24th 2014.

The Health Dashboard

Housing LIN continues to develop as an impressive portal to a vast variety of relevant information. The Health Dashboard brings together a number health and social care datasets. These datasets are freely available and intended to help readers to understand the health profile of their local area population and research local statistics on health conditions. Datasets and information sources listed so far include:

  1. Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework.
  2. Community Information Data Set.
  3. Framework for Personalised Care and Population Health.
  4. Health Profiles (PHE).
  5. Health Survey for England.
  6. Local Health (PHE).
  7. Office for National Statistics.

Full Text Link


Health Dashboard. London: Housing Learning and Improvement Network, July 24th 2014.

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