Recent Brain Research / Neurology-Related Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses


Recent reviews and meta-analyses on neurology-related topics are listed below. Some of these articles may be available freely (according to local circumstances). A suitable Athens password, a journal subscription or payment for access are required to obtain the full-text of the other articles.

The Bibliographic Citations

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Shinagawa, S. Nakajima, S. Plitman, E. [et al] (2014). Psychosis in frontotemporal dementia. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. June 2nd 2014. [Epub ahead of print].

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Xu, H. Valenzuela, N. Fai, S. [et al] (2014). Targeted lipidomics: advances in profiling lysophosphocholine and platelet-activating factor second messengers. The FEBS Journal. November 2013; 280(22): 5652-67. Review. Full Text Link.

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