Ibuprofen for Longevity? (NHS Choices / PLOS Genetics)


The following NHS Choices Behind the Headlines critical appraisal covers recent research involving yeast, microscopic worms and fruit flies, which has been misinterpreted in the press as implying that taking ibuprofen regularly might extend human lifespan (by inhibiting tryptophan uptake). Ibuprofen probably won’t extend human longevity, although, incidentally, ibuprofen has been associated (by some researchers) with a reduction in the risk of certain age-related problems such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.

This piece cautions readers about unwarranted over-extrapolation from animal and laboratory research to health advice for humans, and warns of the potential health risks in consuming ibuprofen on a regular basis as a “preventative” regime.

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Ibuprofen unlikely to extend life. London: NHS Choices Behind the Headlines, December 19th 2014.

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He, C. Tsuchiyama, SK. [and] Nguyen, QT. [et al] (2014). Enhanced longevity by Ibuprofen, conserved in multiple species, occurs in yeast through inhibition of Tryptophan import. PLoS Genetics. December 18th 2014, Vol.10(12),  e1004860. (Click here to view the PubMed abstract).

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