Pain in Impaired Cognition: EU COST Programme (COST TD1005 Action)


The European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST) offers an inter-governmental framework which sponsors and promotes collaboration between researchers in Europe. One component of this work is the EU-COST initiative entitled “Pain in impaired cognition, especially dementia” (also known as the COST TD1005 Action).

“The major aim is the development of a comprehensive and internationally agreed-on assessment toolkit for older adults targeting the various subtypes of dementia and various aspects of pain, including pain diagnostics, cognitive examination and guidelines for proper assessment”.

There are five work groups:

  • Work Group 1: Psychometrics and Algesimetry (WG1).
  • Work Group 2: Nursing and Care (WG2).
  • Work Group 3: Clinical Evaluation and Epidemiology (WG 3).
  • Work Group 4: Experimental Evaluation (WG 4).
  • Work Group 5: Palliative Care (WG 5).

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Action TD1005: Pain Assessment in Patients with Impaired Cognition, especially Dementia. [Online]: EU COST Programme (COST TD1005 Action), 2015.

Related publications are listed below.

2015 Reference

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2013 References

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