Driving and Dementia: Rights and Responsibilities (BBC News / BMA / DTSC / Alzheimers Australia)


A review of the guidelines for GPs concerning advice given to patients about driving in the early stages of dementia is required, according to Dr Peter Holden speaking at the British Medical Association’s annual conference.

A delicate balance has to be drawn between public safety versus personal independence and mobility. Better guidance would help to reduce ambiguity.

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Drivers with early dementia are a ‘risk to the public’. London: BBC Health News, June 23rd 2015.

The dilemmas have been explored in the incisive Dementia Training Study Centres (DTSC)Driving With Dementia” animated video.

These themes are also covered in a further Australian animation.

Public Safety Before Patient Confidentiality and Consent

The General Medical Council has stipulated that GPs must tell the DVLA about patients who continue to drive when medically unfit to do so, regardless of patient confidentiality.

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GPs urged to report unfit drivers to DVLA. London: BBC Health News, November 25th 2015.

Some Questions About the Drivers’ Medical Group (DVLA DMG)

A Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman’s report has identified a few cases where the Drivers’ Medical Group (DMG) section of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has failed to make fair decisions about medical fitness-to-drive decisions.

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‘Major failings’ in DVLA medical fitness to drive cases. London: BBC Health News, October 20th 2016.

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