Practical Tests to Determine Individual Biological Age? (BBC News / Genome Biology)


Researchers at King’s College London (and internationally) have developed techniques promising to accurately measure a person’s “biological age”. People of the same chronological age vary in their rates of “biological ageing” – sometimes by margins of up to 15 years, plus or minus – so an individual measure of biological age could be a more accurate prognostic measure.

The test under investigation involves examining the “ageing signature” in biomarkers of gene activity across 150 genes in the body’s cells. Such a test would potentially help predict when a person might die, and could help identify people at high-risk of dementia and other conditions; apparently largely independent of (or possibly impervious to) various lifestyle interventions. Such a development would have serious implications for the future of medicine, pensions and insurance, particularly as it is not (yet) known to how to slow the biological ageing processes in question.

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Gallagher, J. (2015). Test shows how old your body really is. London: BBC Health News, September 7th 2015.

This relates to:

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Sood, S. Gallagher, IJ. [and] Lunnon, K. [et al] (2015). A novel multi-tissue RNA diagnostic of healthy ageing relates to cognitive health status. Genome Biology. September 7th 2015, 16: 185.

“ …the molecular test could translate into a simple blood test to predict those most at risk of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias and suitable for taking part in prevention trials”.

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Researchers develop novel test which can tell how well a person is ageing. London: Medical Research Council (MRC), September 7th 2015.

The following appraisal of this research from NHS Choices Behind the Headlines is more cautious in tone and offers a sense of perspective.

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Blood test for dementia claims are premature. London: NHS Choices Behind the Headlines, September 7th 2015.

This topic was featured, nonetheless, in a review of significant developments during the year 2016:

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Gallagher, J. (2015). Breakthroughs galore: a transformative year in medicine. London: BBC Health News, December 28th 2015.

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