Carers Charged For Support? / Social Care Funding Shortfalls (Carers Trust / BBC News)


Councils are reported to be increasingly likely to consider charging unpaid carers for the support they receive… despite the valuable role these people themselves play in relieving the pressures of growing demand for local health and care services. Such charges can force some individuals into unnecessary financial difficulties and increase risks of ill-health.

Freedom of Information requests were sent to 147 local authorities in England in order to investigate the extent of the problem; touching upon the number of councils already charging carers for support, the impact charges on carers and the councils “debating” the introduction of such charges in the coming year.

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A charge on caring? Analysis of the use and impact of charges by councils providing support to unpaid carers. London: Carers Trust, September 15th 2015.

Care Funding Shortfalls: The Wider Problem?

The Local Government Association (along with a consortium of people / organisations using, providing and / or commissioning care) has predicted a funding shortfall of over £4 billion in care services by 2020. Last year, 1.3m older and disabled people received state-funded support; but this number has decreased by 500,000 in four years. One in 10 older people could face care bills in excess of £100,000 over their lifetime.

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Triggle, N. (2014). Care of vulnerable people ‘put in danger’. London: BBC Health News, September 21st 2015.

See also:

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Triggle, N. (2015). Care spend ‘cut by fifth in decade’. London: BBC Health News, January 28th 2015.


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Triggle, N. (2015). Councils reject two-thirds of requests for care. London: BBC Health News, October 7th 2015.

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Doctors urge chancellor to increase social care funding. London: BBC Health News, March 12th 2016.

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