Make Our Garden Grow: A Future Mainstream Component of NHS / Public Health Policy? (BBC News / King’s Fund)


Gardening may be beneficial for obesity reduction (as it involves moderate physical activity), in addition to improving balance and thereby helping to reduce falls in the elderly. It may have a positive impact on mental health, by helping to tackle anxiety and stress.

Further, gardens appear to have a positive impact for reducing agitation and aggression associated with dementia in care homes. The tranquility of nature can be beneficial for end-of-life care in hospices.

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Triggle, N. (2016). Gardening and volunteering: the new wonder drugs? London: BBC Health News, June 13th 2016.

This relates to a report commissioned by the National Gardens Scheme:

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Buck, D. (2016). Gardens and health: implications for policy and practice. London: King’s Fund, May 18th 2016.

Possibly of interest:

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Briggs, H. (2016). Can gardening improve the nation’s health? London: BBC Health News, July 4th 2016.

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