World Continence Week – Miscellaneous Contributions and Insights (NHS England / ICS)


The ICS World Continence Week (WCW) is an annual event which aims to raise awareness about incontinence-related issues.

The following piece covers the recent Excellence in Continence Care guidelines and the benefits of collaboration between health and social care – in partnership with the third sector – in tackling continence problems cost-effectively.

“The Five Year Forward View set us a challenge of refocusing healthcare to prevent ill-health and provide people with greater control over their condition and care”.

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Spotlighting continence needs – Sarah Elliott. [Online]: NHS England, June 20th 2016.

The following contribution is about World Continence Week, a Catheter Care Pack (introduced by the Health Innovation Network and Age UK) and more widely concerning new models of care at the Sutton Homes of Care Vanguard:

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In the vanguard of new care – Dr Stephanie Machin. [Online]: NHS England, June 23rd 2016.

An earlier item discusses work within the South London Health Innovation Network to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections by 30% by 2017:

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Cutting unnecessary emergencies – Tiziana Ansell. [Online]: NHS England, June 21st 2016.

On the use telehealth to help patients in Cornwall:

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Technology has helped transform care – Sharon Eustice. [Online]: NHS England, June 24th 2016.

Further items:

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Overcoming the continence stigma – Chloe’s story. [Online]: NHS England, June 20th 2016.

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Finding the right treatment – Jacq Emkes. [Online]: NHS England, June 23rd 2016.

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