A Natural Limit to Human Life Expectancy? (BBC News / Nature)


Despite recent historical trends in the seemingly endless increase in human life expectancy, researchers analysing global demographic data believe they may have detected signs that the maximum lifespan may be limited to around 115 years

“Our results strongly suggest that the maximum lifespan of humans is fixed and subject to natural constraints”.

Certain other experts in the field are inclined to disagree.

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Gallagher, J. (2016). Limit to human life may be 115 (ish). London: BBC Health News, October 5th 2016.

This relates to:

Full Text Link (Note: This article normally requires a suitable Athens password, a journal subscription or payment for access; but it may be available to view freely online for a limited period).


Dong, X. Milholland, B. [and] Vijg, J. (2016). Evidence for a limit to human lifespan. Nature. October 5th 2016. [Epub ahead of print].

Also of interest:

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Triggle, N. (2016). How long do we really want to live? London: BBC Health News, October 12th 2016.

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