Self Care Week 2016: Health Literacy (Self Care Forum / NHS England)


The Self Care Week (2016) awareness campaign, organised by the Self Care Forum, is planned to take place between November 14th – 20th 2016.

This year’s theme is health literacy. Self Care Week resources are available online:

Full Text Link


Self Care Week resources. Online [Bradford; Yorkshire]: The Self Care Forum, October 2016.

A primer on health literacy:

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Does health literacy matter? – Jonathan Berry. [Online]: NHS England, October 19th 2016.

An explanation of the self-care continuum:

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Take care of yourself this winter – Professor Jane Cummings. London: NHS England, November 14th 2016.

Manifesto for a Healthy and Health-Creating Society (Lancet)

Possibly of interest, authors of the following article recommend the UK becomes a global centre for health; with a transformation from an illness-centred system to a person and health centred system.

Full Text Link (Note: This article may require a suitable Athens password, a journal subscription or payment for access).


Crisp, N. Stuckler, D. [and] Horton, R. [et al] (2016). Manifesto for a healthy and health-creating society. Lancet. October 6th 2016. [Epub ahead of print].

Self-Care Could Avoid Millions of Unnecessary GP Visits (LGA)

The Local Government Association has advised use of pharmacies or NHS websites, instead of attending GPs, for minor conditions and illnesses; as a means of preventing excess demand from patients.

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Don’t go to GP with runny nose, councils urge the sick. [Earlier title = Simple self-care measures could end millions of unnecessary GP visits every year, says the LGA]. London: BBC Health News, November 5th 2016.

Similarly, sore throat sufferers are to be encouraged to visit their pharmacies, instead of their GPs, for the Sore Throat Test and Treat service, which will show whether their illness is caused by a virus (where drugs would not help) or a bacterial infection.

Full Text Link


Sore throat sufferers urged to take pharmacy test. London: BBC Health News, November 12th 2016.

See also:

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Use the high street health expert – your pharmacist. [Online]: NHS England, November 14th 2016.

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