Missed Opportunities in Stroke Prevention (University of Birmingham / PLoS Medicine / European Journal of Neurology)


Analysis of the records of UK patients who suffered a stroke indicates that over half of people who should have received drugs to prevent strokes had not been prescribed such medicines.

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Research suggests ‘missed opportunities’ to prescribe drugs for stroke prevention. [Press release]. Birmingham: University of Birmingham, Nov 15th 2016.

This relates to:

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Turner, GM. Calvert, M. [and] Feltham, MG. [et al] (2016).  Under-prescribing of prevention drugs and primary prevention of stroke and transient ischaemic attack in UK general practice: a retrospective analysis. PLoS Medicine. November 15th 2016; 13(11): e1002169.

Also of likely interest, from the same team:

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Turner, GM. Calvert, M. [and] Feltham, MG. [et al] (2016).  Ongoing impairments following transient ischaemic attack: retrospective cohort study. European Journal of Neurology. November 2016; 23(11): 1642-1650.

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