Systematic Review of Meaningful Activity in Care Homes / Nursing Homes (JBI Database)


An Australian systematic review has attempted to determine the relative effectiveness of various meaningful occupation interventions for people living with dementia in residential aged care facilities (RACFs).

The authors outline conclusions are as follows [quote]:

  • “Providing meaningful or individualized tailored activities for people with dementia living in RACFs appears to be effective for a range of behavioral and psychological symptoms.
  • The strongest evidence was for individualised activities / recreational interventions for a range of BPSD; preferred music for agitation, depression and anxiety; and reminiscence therapy for mood and cognitive functioning.
  • Insufficient evidence precluded making recommendations regarding animal-assisted (dog) therapy and training staff to develop individual care plans using person-centered care or similar approaches.
  • There was no good quality evidence to show that Snoezelen was effective for any outcome.
  • What remains unclear, however, is whether any of these interventions is more effective than the provision of one-to-one social interaction”.

Full Text Link (Note: This document requires a suitable Athens password, a journal subscription or payment for access).


Travers, C. Brooks, D. [and] Hines, S. [et al] (2016). Effectiveness of meaningful occupation interventions for people living with dementia in residential aged care: a systematic review. JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports. December 2016; 14(12): 163-225.

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