Recent Assessments of Health and Social Care Integration in England: the Problems and the Promise (House of Commons Library / SCIE)


The following House of Commons Library briefing investigates the challenges involved in the integration of health and social care. Recent Government policies to promote more integrated care are described, including Health and Wellbeing Boards, local strategic planning forums and the Better Care Fund. Challenges in health and social care integration include:

  • Different funding incentives for the NHS and local authorities.
  • Different funding models: i.e NHS services free at the point of care versus means-tested social care.
  • Different workforce cultures.
  • Difficulties in effective information sharing.
  • Different inspection frameworks.
  • Government policy priorities sometimes competing with the integration agenda.
  • The costs involved for NHS bodies and local authorities when integrating services.
  • Problems regarding joint-Departmental oversight.

Section headings in this briefing paper comprise:

  • Health and social care integration.
  • Integration of budgets.
  • Organisational integration.
  • Devolution of health and social care integration (England).

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Health and Social Care Integration (England). London: House of Commons Library, February 24th 2017. Commons Briefing Paper CBP-7902.

This relates to:

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Bate, A. (2017). Health and Social Care Integration (England). Briefing Paper Number 7902. London: House of Commons Library, February 24th 2017.

SCIE’s Total Transformation of Care and Support

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) have updated their Total Transformation of Care and Support online resource centre and report. The second edition explores the potential benefits of “scaling up” small, community-based preventative services. Birmingham, for example, could improve outcomes and save over £9 million. Other examples cited include the British Red Cross’ Support at Home for people leaving hospital. SCIE offers a generic “logic model” for building a more robust case for additional investment in promising, yet unproven, new models of care. Online sections comprise:

The aim is to:

“ …start a series of national and local discussions which re-imagine how [to] lead good lives, in good places for people with support needs – building on well-evidenced innovative models from across the UK”. Clenton Farquharson: Director of Community Navigator Services.

Full Text Link Note: Access to this report requires free registration with SCIE.


Creating the five-year forward view for social care: how transformed and integrated health and care could improve outcomes and cost-effectiveness. London: Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), March 2017. Future of Care, Number 1. Second edition.

March 2017 BBC Panorama Home Care Providers Investigation

BBC Panorama has revealed that home care firms have cancelled contracts with almost a hundred UK councils, as they are unable to deliver services for the amount paid.

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‘Lack of money’ prompts care firms to end council contracts. London: BBC Health News, March 20th 2017.

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