Further Research Backs Speculation Linking the Immune System and Parkinson’s Disease (BBC News / Nature)


Further evidence has emerged suggesting that malfunctioning in the body’s immune system may contribute to the development and progression of Parkinson’s Disease. T-cells appear to attack alpha-synuclein – a protein which accumulates in Parkinson’s Disease – after confusing this as marking a foreign invader (such as a bacterium or virus). This research builds on a century-old hypothesis.

“ …T-cells may first identify alpha-synuclein out in periphery, particularly in the nervous system of gut which is not a problem until the T-cells enter the brain”. Prof. Sulzer.

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Gallagher, J. (2017). Century-old Parkinson’s question answered. London: BBC Health News, June 21st 2017.

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Sulzer, D. Alcalay, RN. [and] Garretti, F. [et al] (2017). T cells from patients with Parkinson’s disease recognize α-synuclein peptides. Nature. June 21st 2017. [Epub ahead of print].

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