Raising Awareness of Mental Health in Older People (Age UK / NHS England / MHF / JGCR)


Age UK has reported the results of a YouGov survey which indicates that half of older adults (those aged 55 and older) have experienced mental health problems. Of this population group, 7.7 million people are estimated to have experienced depression and 7.3 million persons are estimated have suffered from anxiety.

The most common triggers for mental health problems appear to include the death of loved ones, own health issues, and financial worries. Over a third of older adults are thought not know where / how to ask for help and support.

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Half of adults aged 55 and over have experienced mental health problems, says Age UK. [Online]: Age UK, October 6th 2017.

See also:

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Half of adults aged 55 and over have experienced common mental health problems, say Age UK. [Online]: NHS England, October 6th 2017.

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Mueller, C. Thompsell, A. [and] Harwood, D. [et al] (2017). A practice primer on mental health in older people. Leeds: NHS England and NHS Improvement, September 12th 2017.

Further background interest:

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How to look after your mental health in later life. London: Mental Health Foundation (MHF), [Undated].

Your Mind Matters

An NHS England and Age UK campaign encourages older people to access treatment for mental health conditions, as more than half of probable sufferers tend not seek help and around a quarter rely instead on support from friends or family.

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Older people encouraged to ditch “stiff upper lip” approach to mental ill health. [Online]: NHS England, January 13th 2020.

Possibly also of interest, regarding self-care:

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Your mind matters: thinking about your mental health. London: Age UK, October 2019.

Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Concerning the relative lack of awareness and potential misdiagnosis of visual hallucinations resulting from sensory impairment or sensory deprivation:

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Madley, G. [and] Somashekar, B. (2019). Charles Bonnet syndrome: an important differential diagnosis in new onset hallucinations. Journal of Geriatric Care and Research. June 2019, Vol.6(1): 23-25.

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