Examining Alternative Visions of Funding Social Care for Older People in England (King’s Fund / Health Foundation)

The Kings Fund and the Health Foundation have produced a report on “Approaches to social care funding”. It considers the various advantages and disadvantages of a variety of proposed approaches to funding social care for older people, which include (quotation):

  • Improving the current system.
  • The Conservative Party’s proposals at the time of the 2017 General Election (a revised means test and an [unspecified] cap on care costs).
  • A single budget for health and social care.
  • Free personal care.
  • A hypothecated tax for social care.

Full Text Link


Wenzel, L. Benne, L. [and] Bottery, S. [et al] (2018). Approaches to social care funding: social care funding options. London: King’s Fund [and] Health Foundation, February 2018. Health Foundation Working Paper No.2.

There is also an Executive Summary / Press Release.

Adult Social Care Workforce: DHSC / SfC Consultation

The Department of Health and Social Care and Skills for Care are holding a consultation on public / expert opinions, and the evidence, on what needs to be done to address workforce requirements in the adult social care sector. Challenges to be reviewed include:

  1. Attracting and recruiting staff.
  2. Improving staff retention.
  3. Improving professional development.
  4. Reviewing the role of regulation.
  5. Effective workforce planning.

The closing date for submissions is April 9th 2018.

Full Text Link


Facing the facts, shaping the future: adult social care workforce consultation. [Online]: Department of Health and Social Care and Skills for Care, February 2018.

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