Counter-Intuitive Evidence on the Efficacy of Education for Healthcare Professionals in the Prevention of Pressure Ulcers (Cochrane Database / NHS Improvement)


Conventional wisdom would suggest that education and training of healthcare staff must be of some practical benefit for the prevention of pressure ulcers. In the real world it may well do so, who knows, but a Cochrane Review has found little trustworthy published evidence that educating healthcare professionals on pressure ulcer prevention results in a recognisable difference in the incidence of pressure ulcers, or any improvements with respect to nurses’ knowledge of pressure ulcer prevention principles.

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Porter-Armstrong, AP. Moore, ZE. [and] Bradbury, I. [et al] (2018). Education of healthcare professionals for preventing pressure ulcers. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. May 25th 2018; 5: CD011620.

There is also an Executive Summary.

On the Other Hand…

In the month following the publication of the above review, NHS Improvement released a comprehensive curriculum. This might be expected to help reverse the findings reported above, given time.

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Pressure ulcer core curriculum. London: NHS Improvement, June 2018.

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