Recent Contributions to the National Narrative on Dementia From the BBC (BBC News / BBC1 TV / BBC Music Memories)


A competent journalistic summary on the impact of dementia on society, and faltering steps towards addressing the problem.

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Gallagher, J. (2019). Dementia: The greatest health challenge of our time. London: BBC Health News, May 2nd 2019.

Singing and Music

Accounts of how music therapy / singing in choirs can reduce some of the behavioural symptoms of dementia including depression and agitation:

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Oakes, K. (2019). The power of music: Vicky McClure’s dementia choir. London: BBC Health News / BBC News Stories, May 2nd 2019.

This relates to a two-part BBC One TV documentary:

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Our Dementia Choir, with Vicky McClure, on BBC One. [Online]: BBC One, first broadcast 20:00 on May 2nd 2019.

BBC Music Memories: BBC Dementia-Friendly Resources

The BBC Music Memories website has been designed to help people with dementia reconnect with their meaningful earlier musical memories and create a playlist (although only a relatively small selection of short “taster” excerpts is available):

Full Text / Audio Link


BBC Music Memories. [Online]: BBC, circa 2019.

Virtual Reminiscence Therapy

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How virtual reality is helping people with dementia. London: BBC Health News, September 13th 2019.

Handmade for Dementia: Cannula Sleeves

The voluntary group “Handmade for Dementia” produce and distribute knitted mitts for patients with dementia in local hospitals and hospices.

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Ryder, S. (2019). Cannula sleeves: ‘Simple solution for dementia patients’. London: BBC Health News, May 22nd 2019.

Lifesize Knitted Doll Characters

Care home residents with dementia may respond favourably to knitted characters, in period costume, which help provoke conversation and reminiscence:

Full Text Link


Lifesize 1950s figures to tour care homes. London: BBC Health News / BBC Norfolk News, July 26th 2019.


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