NHS Mental Health Implementation Plan: the Next Five Years (NHS England)


The NHS mental health implementation plan outlines the framework to deliver the mental health commitments of the NHS NHS Long Term Plan. There is an explanation about support for local areas from NHS England and NHS Improvement to improve access to mental health care.

The main section headings in the plan comprise:

  • Section 1: Overview
    • Summary of Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and Long Term Plan commitments
    • Planning approach.
    • ‘Fixed’, ‘flexible’ and ‘targeted’ approaches to delivering mental health commitments in the NHS Long Term Plan.
    • Workforce.
    • Financial transparency.
    • Advancing mental health equalities.
    • Opportunities for Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector leadership in delivery and implementation.
    • Alignment with other priority areas in the NHS Long Term Plan.
  • Section 2: Implementation Plan for Mental Health
    • Perinatal Mental Health.
    • Children and Young People (CYP) Mental Health.
    • Adult Common Mental Illnesses (IAPT).
    • Adult Severe Mental Illnesses (SMI) Community Care.
    • Mental Health Crisis Care and Liaison.
    • Therapeutic Acute Mental Health Inpatient Care.
    • Older People’s Mental Health.
    • Suicide Reduction and Bereavement Support.
    • Problem Gambling Mental Health Support.
    • Rough Sleeping Mental Health Support.
    • Provider Collaboratives (formerly ‘New Care Models’) and Secure Care.
    • Digitally-Enabled Mental Health Care.
    • Improving the Quality of Mental Health Data.
  • Appendices
    • Annex A: Mental Health Programme Financial Profile.
    • Annex B: Indicative Workforce Profile (by Staff Group and Programme Area).

Full Text Link


NHS Mental Health: Implementation Plan 2019/20 – 2023/24. London: NHS England, July 2019.

Earlier Mental Health Policy Commission Report

The Mental Health Policy Commission report on closing the prevention gap in tackling the causes young people’s mental health problems:

Full Text Link


Burstow, P. Newbigging, K. Tew, J. [and] Costello, B. (2018). Investing in a resilient generation: Keys to a mentally prosperous nation. Birmingham: University of Birmingham, July 2018.

There is also an Executive Summary.

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