National Dementia Diagnosis Statistics for England (NHS Digital)


Statistical information on recorded dementia diagnosis rates (DDRs) continues to be published monthly by NHS Digital, formerly the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).

“68.7% of those aged over 65 estimated to have dementia, have a coded diagnosis of dementia. An increase from 68.5% in June 2019”.

Practices with a DDR above the 66.7% target are encouraged to focus on improving care of people with dementia and their families.​

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Recorded dementia diagnoses, July 2019. [Online]: NHS Digital, August 13th 2019.

“475,250 people have a coded diagnosis of dementia as at 31 July 2019, an increase of 2,842 since 30 June 2019”.

Antipsychotic Prescribing Statistics

“44,709 people (9.4%) with a coded diagnosis of dementia, have had a prescription for antipsychotic medication in the last six weeks”.

About Dementia and Elderly Care News

Dementia and Elderly Care News. Wolverhampton Medical Institute: WMI. (jh)
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