Resources and Announcements for World Mental Health Day (WHO / Public Health England / NHS England / DHSC / Mind)


There has been a flurry of new resources, announcements and initiatives in anticipation of World Mental Health Day, which falls on October 10th 2019.

Every Mind Matters: a Mental Health Hub for the General Public

Public Health England (PHE), in partnership with the NHS, has launched Every Mind Matters. This evidence-based resource has been designed to help people look after their own mental health / mental wellbeing and support other people. A PHE survey suggests that 83% people have experienced at least the early signs of poor mental health (including feeling anxious, stressed, having low mood or trouble sleeping) during the past year. The main sections cover:

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Groundbreaking new platform launched to support mental health. [Online]: Public Health England, October 7th 2019.

Centre for Internet and Gaming Disorders Launched

The Centre for Internet and Gaming Disorders, part of the National Centre for Behavioural Addictions, is to provide support for children and young adults seriously addicted to computer gaming / online gambling:

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Children to be treated for computer gaming addiction under NHS Long Term Plan. [Online]: NHS England, October 8th 2019.

Head 4 Health (Wolverhampton)

Head 4 Health is a Wolverhampton-based, Premier League and Professional Footballers Association funded, charitable scheme which helps to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of men over the age of 18. It is similar to “Men in Sheds”, using the Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation Molineux facilities instead of sheds. There is an emphasis on raising mental health awareness, meeting other people in similar situations, cookery classes, coping with stress, loneliness, alcohol and gambling problems etc., and provision of a range of physical activity sessions.

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Head 4 Health. Wolverhampton: / City of Wolverhampton Council Public Health [and] Wolverhampton CCG, 2019.

State of the Nation Report

A positive spin on child mental health in England:

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First ‘State of the Nation’ report marks World Mental Health Day. [Online]: Department for Education / Department of Health and Social Care / Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP [and] Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE MP, October 10th 2019.

This relates to:

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State of the nation 2019: children and young people’s wellbeing. London: Department for Education, October 2019.

Independent Oversight Group to Improve Young People’s Community Mental Health Services and Reduce Over Reliance on Inpatient Care

Concerning a new NHS taskforce to improve specialist children and young people’s inpatient mental health, autism and learning disability services in England:

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NHS taskforce to drive improvements in young people’s hospital mental health, learning disability and autism care. [Online]: NHS England, October 10th 2019.

Guidance on Developing Local Plans for Mental Health Services (Mind)

A recent report from the charity Mind assists local STPs with their plans regarding mental health priorities. Topics included in the NHS Long Term Plan include support for pregnant women and new mothers (perinatal mental health), improvements to community-based mental health care, and improving access to treatments for young people.

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Transforming mental health in your community: a local guide to delivering the NHS long-term plan. London: Mind, October 2019.

NHS England’s Community Mental Health Framework

The Community Mental Health Framework outlines plans for transformative change in the design of community mental health care. The aim is to move away from siloed, “difficult-to-access” services towards better joined-up care and whole population approaches to mental health. It involves a place-based community mental health model which aligns community-based services with Primary Care Networks.

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The community mental health framework for adults and older adults. London: NHS England / NHS Improvement and the National Collaborating Central for Mental Health, September 29th 2019.

Full implementation guidance for the Community Mental Health Framework for Adults and Older Adults will be available from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Concerns About NHS Infrastructure Investment?

While Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently pledged funding to six trusts for new hospital facilities, none of these were mental health trusts:

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Ford, M. (2019). Warning over ‘long-term neglect’ of mental health NHS estate. Nursung Times. October 7th 2019.

Homelessness: Improved Mental Health Outreach for Rough Sleepers

Co-ordinated outreach support for rough sleepers aims to improve access to: mental health support, existing outreach services for the homeless, accommodation services, drug and alcohol support, and other physical healthcare services.

“The new NHS-led teams will bring together doctors, nurses and other clinicians to co-ordinate treatment and support with other local organisations including councils”.

The initial £12 million funding over the next five years will be used to develop comprehensive services across seven pilot areas (Birmingham, Brighton, Hull, Lincoln, Lambeth, Luton and Haringey). About 20 areas with high levels of rough sleeping are expected to have such teams by 2023/24; with national roll-out, backed by £30 million, as specified in the NHS Long Term Plan.

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Rough sleepers in homeless hotspots to benefit from NHS mental health outreach. [Online]: NHS England, October 14th 2019.

NHS Practitioner Health

NHS doctors and dentists in England have 24/7 access to confidential a comprehensive mental health advice and support service via NHS Practitioner Health.

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Dedicated mental health support for all NHS doctors and dentists. London: Department for Health and Social Care, October 21st 2019.

A short booklet for the public, made available prior to Mental Health Awareness Week (2020):

Hughes, E. MP (2020). Keeping your mental health in check: a free information booklet from your local Member of Parliament. [Willenhall / London]: House of Commons, May 2020.

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