Scoping Dimensions of Dementia-Friendly Organisations (JGCR / IES / Alzheimer’s Society / RCN / JRF)


Researchers in Japan have devised an analytical framework, comprising two axes, for improving appreciation of the current and future possible aspects of service, involvement and improvement in dementia-friendly organisations.

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Takao, M. Maki, Y. Minami, U. [and] Suzuki, T. (2019). Corporate involvement with dementia: a two-axes classification and policy support. Journal of Geriatric Care and Research (JGCR). December 4th 2019, Vol.6(2): pp.53-55.

Potential Workplace Accomodations?

Thoughts on handling dementia at work (as well as adjustments to help people combining work commitments with caring for others):

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Bevan, S. (2017). Dementia-friendly workplaces. London: Institute for Employment Studies (ies), March 2017. HR Network Paper 130.

See also, a guide from the Alzheimer’s Society Employers Working Group:

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Creating a dementia friendly workplace: a practical guide for employers. London: Alzheimer’s Society, April 2015.

Concerning support for nurses with dementia at work:

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Dementia in the workplace. London: Royal College of Nursing (RCN), October 2018.

The summary of a Joseph Rowntree Foundation report:

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Frost, S. (2015). On the journey to becoming a dementia friendly organisation. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), September 2015.

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