A Brief Review of How the COVID-19 Pandemic Relates to Elderly Care and Research (JGCR)


A brief literature review examines publications relating to the elderly population arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Themes, and possible areas for further research, are identified.

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Tripathy, S. (2020). The COVID-19 pandemic and the elderly patient: review of current literature and knowledgebase. Journal of Geriatric Care and Research (JGCR). June 24th 2020, Vol.7(2): pp.79-83.

Likely Background Interest

A brief summary of state-of-the-art clinical understanding regarding COVID-19, across all age groups, from a University of Birmingham medical student:

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Kar, S. (2020). COVID-19: A brief clinical overview. Journal of Geriatric Care and Research (JGCR). June 20th 2020, Vol.7(2): pp.74-78.

International Variations in COVID-19 Mortality Rates

An international study of COVID-19 epidemiology:

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Nischal, A. Prakash, AJ. Singh, N. [and] Kar, SK. (2020). Understanding the variations in death rates during coronavirus pandemic and their preventive implications. Journal of Geriatric Care and Research (JGCR). July 15th 2020, Vol.7(2): pp.84-88.

Risks of Potential Ageism in Medical Resource Allocation

An international consideration of the potentially inherent ethical dilemmas involved in the use of patient age as a criterion for COVID-19 treatment decisions:

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Karahda, A. Sethi, S. [and] Prasad, SK. (2020). Effect of healthcare burden and resource reallocation on elderly during COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Geriatric Care and Research (JGCR). July 21st 2020, Vol.7(2): pp.89-92.

Coping With COVID-19 in a Resource-Constrained Country

Insights from Nepal, into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic upon the physical, mental and social wellbeing of the elderly population.

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Shrestha, L. (2020). COVID-19 and elderly in Nepal: current situation. Journal of Geriatric Care and Research (JGCR). July 27th 2020, Vol.7(2): pp.96-99.

A related editorial:

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Kar, N. [and] Kar, B. (2020). Growing social stigma alongside COVID-19 pandemic: signs of a major concern. Journal of Geriatric Care and Research (JGCR). October 1st 2020, Vol.7(2): pp.49-50.

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