Dementia and Elderly Care News: Philosophy

History and Purpose

This service started off as a monthly current awareness service, titled “Dementia: the Latest Evidence“, produced by the Wolverhampton Medical Institute library for staff and students at the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals Trust (RWHT) [subsequently re-named in 2012 as the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust].

This service is free to everyone.

The aim of the newsletter is to bring news of the latest evidence (according to best “Evidence-Based Medicine” principles) to the attention of readers.

The abstracts are written with the intention that they will be fairly simple and readily understandable to the intelligent layman, so as not to exclude anyone. Clinicians with detailed knowledge of the field are able to follow-up the original documents using the Full Text Link and/or citations.

Selection Policy

Regarding the selection of materials; the policy is to be eclectic. This is the best approach probably, because dementia research is a multi-disciplinary field and interesting developments appear to arise from many different fields. The guiding principle is, if the newly published work is a serious contribution, from a reputable source and (ideally) evidence-based then it gets due consideration for inclusion in the newsletter.

This policy has since been widened to include other well-recognised and duly regarded information sources which may not be strictly “evidence-based” in the narrow scientific sense. The intention is to provide a generic alerting and current awareness service for anyone with a serious interest in the subject, helping these persons keep abreast with the latest developments.


As to the audience, this is small but growing slowly (e.g. by personal recommendation). The audience is self-selecting, in that everyone is free to “unsubscribe” themselves from the newsletter e-mail distribution list (and stop visiting this blog and web site) as and when they see fit.

Dementia and Elderly Care

From early October 2012 the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust newsletter “Dementia: the Latest Evidence Newsletter” was re-branded as “Dementia and Elderly Care: the Latest Evidence Newsletter”. The two hardcopy newsletter services were in reality (i.e. “at source”) one and the same.

Similarly, the website and blog known previously as “Dementia Care News” became Dementia and Elderly Care News.

Both hardcopy newsletters were phased-out and discontinued in 2014, due to changing service priorities at work. The Dementia and Elderly Care News newsfeed continues online, however, and has a growing body of followers internationally.