Artificial Intelligence to Create a Virtual Doctor: Fast and Accurate Diagnoses Coming Soon to Smartphone app? (BBC News)


Babylon, a UK company, has announced an investment of £50 million to develop what it claims will be the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence healthcare platform. Machine learning, drawing upon on Big Data and real world consultations, is intended to create an infallible (less fallible?) diagnostic tool, superior to imperfect human doctors’ intelligence.

“Our scientists have little doubt that our AI will soon diagnose and predict personal health better than doctors”. Ali Parsa: Chief Executive of Babylon.

This builds upon the existing Babylon app. Their NHS 111 app allows selected patients in North London to describe their symptoms and then be advised on whether to book an appointment with their GP or take other steps”.

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Cellan-Jones, R. (2017). Babylon puts a doctor in the machine. London: BBC Technology News / BBC Health News, April 25th 2017.