NHS 111 Renamed / Reformed as Integrated Urgent Care (NHS England)


Dr Helen Thomas, NHS England’s National Medical Advisor for Integrated Urgent Care, speaking on the new Integrated Urgent Care service, wants greater collaborative working within NHS 111, when acting as the “front door” to urgent and emergency care. New clinical hubs will involve multi-disciplinary teamworking between NHS 111 providers, Out Of Hours services and Out Of Hospital provision. There are expected to be fewer “inappropriate dispositions” from 111 to primary care and hospital emergency departments.

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NHS 111’s National Advisor calls for more collaboration. [Online]: NHS England, July 18th 2016.

August 2016 Update: Major Advances

On progress in NHS England’s Integrated Urgent Care (IUC) Delivery Team:

“The service will offer more self-care advice and direct patients to services closer to their homes and, in doing so, relieve pressure on A&E departments and, in the longer term, on in-hours GP practices”.

Professor Keith Willett, NHS England’s Medical Director for Acute Care, will introduce the IUC Delivery Team’s “pop-up university workshop” at the Health and Care Innovation Expo (2016), and help clarify the benefits and rationale of “Clinical Hubs” (the clinical advice services behind NHS 111).

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Major advances being made to NHS 111 – Dr Helen Thomas. [Online]: NHS England, August 25th 2016.

“The IUC Clinical Assessment Service (CAS) aims to deliver a collaborative quality service for patients… ”.